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Malhar Haveli, the official home of Mr. Ashok Chugh offers you the quintessential staycation which is way beyond anybody’s dream destination. It is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Noida and if you get swayed away by the B&B kind of accommodation, nothing can be better than this one. Get ready to be transported into the timeless Rajasthani heritage with all its traditional style interiors and a property surrounded by tall trees. Everything that you see here speaks of a seamless concoction of tradition and modernity. This serene property dipped in heritage is strategically placed at 1 km from Noida Golf Course and 5 km from the railway station. This helps tourists to reach their homestay easily. Its vicinity from many shopping malls, hospitals, multiplexes, and markets also lures travellers to book their staycation here as a first choice. This B&B would be perfect for a family get-together or for a group of friends who want to unwind in a luxurious apartment with premium-class amenities. The hospitable staff would leave no stone unturned to make your stay memorable and comfortable. The Heritage mansion is everything that a person who loves tradition and luxury needs to feel comfortable and happy. If you want to spend a getaway amidst art, artifacts, and luxury, this place would be your perfect choice without a doubt.

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Reason to choose us

Why choose us?

Vicinity to bus stands, the Noida golf course, railway station, shopping malls, etc.

Easy check-in at 12 pm and check out at 11 am.

Available excellent room services 24*7.

The well-curated interiors that transport you into a traditional Rajasthani fort straight out of a movie.

Sumptuous food that would tantalize your taste buds and would be customized as per your needs and cravings.

A garden area curated in a traditional demeanour where you can feel peaceful amongst the trees and the shrubs.

A lounge area where you can sit and enjoy a peaceful morning breakfast or tempting evening snacks and beverage.

A hospitable that shower the warmth of their hospitality that is beyond words.

A well-maintained bathroom that is equipped with premium quality fittings.

Hot and cold water facility that is available 24*7.

Peaceful surroundings where you will not be disturbed by outside noise.

Excellent vibes that will enforce you with more life energy when you go back.

Airport shuttle services available on request.

A double bed in each of the 6 rooms.

Laundry facility to help you stay fresh and clean.


Our Rooms

Let us explore the Malhar Haveli and its rooms where you would put up during your luxurious staycation. Malhar Haveli has been curated to give you the rich Rajasthani heritage experience within the realms of the bustling Noida. Here every connoisseur of heritage arts and artifacts would experience bliss while they find themselves getting transported to the ancient times where people lived in sprawling palaces. The interiors reflect all elements of Rajasthani eclectic design. Each corner of the property is dipped in richness that should be witnessed by every tourist. The huge verandas that are lit by vintage-style lamps and adorned with swings will give you a feel of the richness that lies within the bungalow. The trees in the orchard and the shrubs in the backyard will give you the much-needed serenity and calmness that you desired in this getaway. The property is quaint and magnificent and a heritage mansion for people who seek solace from art and artifacts. There is a huge drawing room and dining area for tourists to lounge and have sumptuous home-cooked meals. This means you will not indulge in unhealthy snacking and create unnecessary stress in your system during your staycation. The drawing room is adorned by large mirror panels with jharokha, art and artifacts, lamps, fluted columns, and huge windows with the profile of a chhatri. These elements of design are so characteristic of Rajasthani-based interiors. The soothing lights add a touch of class to the interiors and bring focus to every element in the room. The marble floors speak of a premium quality design that is part of your luxurious living. The dining table and chairs are made up of carved wood and have detailing done with complementary colours. The furnishing and upholstery will bring calmness to your existence effortlessly. The exquisite furniture and interiors would let you experience the high life here at one of the Best Resorts In Noida, Malhar Haveli. Along with this richness of interiors, the hospitable staff makes sure that your food is warm, and your water chilled so that you get satiated by the best of a hospitable B&B at Noida. Their hospitality would be etched in your memory forever and you would always choose Malhar Haveli as your choicest staycation when you want to get a perfect weekend getaway with family and loved ones. We will take you on a virtual tour to the type of rooms that you can pick and choose from at Malhar Haveli. This would make your choice easier once you are ready to book your staycation.

Deluxe Room

There are in all 6 rooms apart from the drawing-room and the dining area out of which there are 3 deluxe rooms. Each deluxe room has the below-mentioned amenities as part and parcel of your package.

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Superior Cottage

Superior Cottages would be your next choice if you can extend your budget a little more. There are 3 superior cottages at Malhar Haveli for you to pick and choose from. Each Superior Cottage has the below-mentioned amenities that are curated just for you.

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Now that you know about the type of rooms to pick and choose from go ahead and book your staycation at one of the most luxurious hotels in Noida, i.e., Malhar Haveli. You need not postpone your vacation needs as you deserve this well. After all, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. It is also said that people often remember experiences rather than material possessions over the years. The experiences make your life richer than any riches in the world. When you have a chance to grab the best of resorts here to live a luxurious life, why delay the opportunity. This staycation of yours would be memorable owing to the elegant design of the property, the amenities, the food, and the excellent hospitality that is provided by the staff here. Book your staycation and melt away your stress now!

property, and Amenities

Property, and Amenities

Once you enter the quaint property, you will be heralded into a land of exquisite art and artifacts. The carved wooden interiors depict the Rajasthani heritage. For tourists who get swayed away by the Rajasthani eclecticism would cherish their stay here and each element of this property would be etched in their memory forever. The lounge area has ample greenery to calm you down. The big verandas are lit brightly with vintage-style lanterns and statues of guards wearing traditional Rajput clothes. You can also find a heritage water fountain adorning the lounge area with its gurgling waters. The exteriors of the walls have motifs of Warli painting that reflect the rich Indian heritage. The gorgeously carved doors are designed keeping in mind the profile of a chhatri that is so characteristic of Rajasthani heritage. You will also find large mirror panels with jharokha that have attractive lamps on either side. Fluted columns which are Rajasthani eclectic based interior design elements can be found everywhere in this property be it the hall, the lounge area, or the bedroom. You will also find art and artifacts in this property that talk about the Rajasthani tradition and add richness to the interiors. The upholstery complements the interiors and adds a sense of warmth to the rooms. Swings are a major part of the Indian heritage, and you can find them strewn here which would lure you to sit on them and spend a quiet time. You can find lamps and chandeliers with a soothing light that adds charm to the rooms and give a rich look to the property. You will get a nicely curated drawing room, 6 air-conditioned bedrooms, and a dining area. If there is one word to describe the interiors of the Malhar Haveli, it would be elegance. You can find pure elegance dipped in modern functionality along with affordability! The tables, chairs, double-beds, and storage are made of premium quality wood which is finely carved and coloured with complementary hues. The marble floors are also designed well and that reflects the premium style that this property boasts of. Each room provides you with a comfortable double bed that is poster style and has an ergonomic mattress with premium quality bedsheets to lull you to sleep. Each room also has AC, room service facility, hot and cold water round-the-clock, laundry services, and an airport shuttle. In short, when you stay here, you will be taken into the luxurious Rajasthani heritage effortlessly and you would feel grateful for the higher life that this property promises you.

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Nearby Areas


The strategic location of this property ensures that you can tick off a lot of tourist places from your bucket list. With its vicinity to the bus stand, railway station, and metro station, traveling to nearby places on a budget becomes easy. If you are new to Noida, you can visit malls, the Noida golf course, the War Memorial, and several food-chain outlets and soak in the vibes of this city. You can also visit the revered Lotus temple which is 15 km from this luxury resort in Noida and feel centred. To give you an idea about this very beautiful temple, it has won many architectural awards. The Lotus temple is also surrounded by 9 ponds and is spread across a huge area that can easily accommodate 2500 people. Another tourist spot is the Jantar Mantar which is 19 km from this quaint property. This place of architectural excellence was built as early as the 18th century under the instruction of Maharaja Jai Singh, and it has a collection of stone-built astronomical instruments. Here you can find the Samrat Yantra which happens to be the largest sundial in the world. This place is visited by a lot of tourists round the year, and you can now tick this off your bucket list when you stay at Malhar Haveli, owing to its vicinity. Having said that you can find the perfect getaway from the bustling city life here and feel peace and serenity.

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